Decipher the Elder Futhark Runes

Have you always felt intrigued by mystical Nordic runes? Did you know that there were two “generations” of these runes, …

Have you always felt intrigued by mystical Nordic runes? Did you know that there were two “generations” of these runes, Elder Futhark and Younger Futhark runes?

This game focuses on Elder Futhark runes, and it is a perfect opportunity to test your rune knowledge! Of course, even if you don’t know much about runes, this game will teach you everything that you didn’t know. Who knows, maybe you discover a hidden talent and become an honorary runemaster! Good luck!

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Norse mythology enthusiast, Norwegian and living in Oslo next to a series of old Viking age burial mounds.I am also able to navigate and understand quite a lot of the old Norse texts and I often lean on original texts when researching an article. Through this blog I hope more people, young and old will get to know Norse mythology and the world of the Vikings a bit better.

4 thoughts on “Decipher the Elder Futhark Runes”

  1. I LOVE this site!! I’m new here, so I’m still learning but what a wealth on information you have collected here, and I for one want to say thank you for sharing this wonderful history. I would only ask you to add one thing if it’s possible, is there a way you can show how to pronounce the names? I am HORRIBLE at trying to do just that and any help would be greatly appreciated… Thank you again, and keep up the great work!! Skol!!

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your kind remarks, and excellent suggestion! I will put it on my list and add pronunciation to the individual runes!



  2. Your site is amazing I am so happy I ran across it. I’ve been dabbling in Norse mythology for the past three years but have recently gotten more serious about learning the stories of my blood.

    Thank you for creating this site!

    Skol from Minnesota

    • Hey Noah, great to hear you like the site! Even though you have landed in Minnesota, we might have many of the same roots. The Norwegian and Swedish push for America in the 1800s in some sense was motivated by much the same that drove the vikingr back in the day, a search for land, riches, and new beginnings. Interestingly, then “we” were the Christians, facing the heathens. The irony 🙂


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