Hnoss: The Goddess of Desire

Hnoss is the Vanir goddess of beauty and desire. She and her twin sister Gersemi are Freyja and Odr’s daughters …

Hnoss is the Vanir goddess of beauty and desire. She and her twin sister Gersemi are Freyja and Odr’s daughters and this is what they are mostly known for.

Short Facts

Tribe: Vanir

Goddess of: beauty, desire, love, lust, sisterhood, temptation and treasure

Daughter of: Odr and Freyja

Sister of: Gersemi

Other names: Hnossa

Hnoss responsibilities

Beauty, desire, ecstasy, friendship, gleaming gems and jewels, love, lust, sisterhood, temptation and last but not least, treasure

Associated Animals with Hnoss

An otter.

Hnoss weapon/domain of power

Firstly, her irresistible beauty and charisma. Possibly a second power is her connection with her twin sister Gersemi, and lastly her radiance. She does not play part in any myths and are only briefly mentioned so her powers seems not to be used much.

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The most beautiful goddess

Hnoss is the Vanir goddess of beauty and desire. She is associated with love and lust as well as temptation. She and Gersemi are the twin daughters of Odr and Freyja. Her name means jewel or precious gem as well as treasure in Old Norse. In fact, she is so beautiful that every pretty thing in the world is named after her as hnossir (treasures).

A painting of Hnoss.
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In the old texts

In Gylfaginning, Hnoss is mentioned as the daughter of Odr and Freyja. She is so beautiful that her name is a synonym for anything that is pretty and precious; hnossir means treasures.

In Skaldskaparmal she is mentioned as Freyja’s daughter again.

In the Ynglinga saga, Hnoss and Gersemi are also mentioned as daughters of Freyja.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Hnoss and Gersemi the same?

A. Hnoss is mentioned a little more than her twin sister Gersemi in the old texts. This has led many scholars to doubt Gersemi’s existence as a single deity. They claim the two sisters might in fact be the same, one goddess of desire and lust. However, the information provided is insufficient, so no one can be sure. Tradition however speaks of Freyja having two daughters; twins and remarkably beautiful Vanir goddesses.

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