Modi: The God of Wrath

Modi is the god of wrath and courage. The youngest child of Thor and Sif, he is associated with the …

Modi is the god of wrath and courage. The youngest child of Thor and Sif, he is associated with the berserkers.

Short Facts

Tribe: Aesir

God of: Berserk, Brotherhood, Courage, Fight, Kinship, Strength and Wrath

Son of: Thor and Sif

Brother of: Magni and Thrud

Other names: Modin, Mothi

Modi responsibilities

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Bravery, Brotherhood, The carnage on the battlefield, Combat, Family, Inspiring the berserkers, Strength and Fighting prowess

Associated Animals with Modi

A pine marten

weapon/domain of power

Blood and power of the berserk, Courage, Devotion and Loyalty, Resilience, Skilled with weapons, wrath and Battle frenzy

The god of the berserkers

Modi is the god of wrath and courage. He is the son of the mighty Thor and the beautiful Sif. He is connected with the berserkers; ferocious and uncontrolled Norse warriors. It isn’t hard to see the relationship as the god’s name means ‘wrath’ in Old Norse.

Berserker warrior
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Considered one of the most ferocious Aesir gods, Modi imbues his favored warriors with the power of the berserk. Sometimes he too rides in the battlefield wreaking havoc on his opponents.

Often mistakenly mentioned as a twin brother to Magni, whose mother is the jotunn Järnsaxa. Yet, despite the fact they are only stepbrothers, they both share their father’s great power. It is said that Modi and Magni will be among the survivors of Ragnarok. They both shall inherit Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, and together they will fight to end all wars in the new world.

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In the old texts

Modi is only mentioned once in the Poetic Edda, together with his brother Magni. After Thor is killed in Ragnarok, Modi and Magni receive his hammer, Mjolnir, as a symbol of authority.


How is Modi related to the berserkers?

A. Since Modi means ‘wrath’ or ‘rage’ it is easily conceived that he is associated with the berserkers. But, it is not only his name that makes him the god of those ferocious warriors. He is Thor’s son and the mighty god of thunder could not have any weak offspring. Magni is the strongest of the Aesir, Modi is the fiercest, and Thrud is a powerful deity as well.

Why is Modi so fierce?

A. Each one of Thor’s children has a specific attribute of his thunder force. Thrud is like the storm, which bears the thunders. Magni is as strong as the thunder that smashes. And last but not least, Modi is ferocious and uncontrolled like the thunder itself. That is why he is so fierce.

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