Hlin: The Goddess of Consolation And Protection

Hlin is the goddess of consolation and protection. She is one of Frigga’s handmaidens, associated with compassion and mercy. Hlin …

Hlin is the goddess of consolation and protection. She is one of Frigga’s handmaidens, associated with compassion and mercy.

Hlin Short Facts

Tribe: Aesir

Goddess of: compassion, consolation, guardianship, protection, sanctuary, solace and support

Daughter of: Ran

Other names: Lin, Syn and Snotra


Consolation, giving refuge from harm, mercy, protects innocents, fugitives and women, offers solace and comfort to those in grief and eases their pain

A picture of Hlin with shield in her hands.
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Associated Animals with Hlin

A red-tailed hawk

weapon/domain of power

Her compassion, power of consolation and mercy, her sword and shield, and her connection with Frigga, the Queen of the gods.

Protector and Guardian

Hlin is the Aesir goddess of consolation and protection. She is the daughter of the water goddess Ran. She serves as Frigga’s handmaiden, together with Fulla and Gna. Her name means protector in Old Norse.

Hlin guards and protects those in need; especially women, innocents and fugitives. She offers sanctuary and refuge from harm. She is often depicted carrying a sword and a shield, under which she shelters those who seek safety.

As a servant of Frigga, she hears the prayers of mortals and advises her Queen on how to act. Hlin’s main task is to give solace to those who grieve. She eases the pain and rekindles hope in the hearts of humans.


In the Poetic Edda, in the poem, Voluspa, Hlin’s name is brought up regarding the prophecy of Odin’s death.

In the Prose Edda, in the book Gylfaginning, She is mentioned among sixteen Asynjur (Aesir goddesses). It is said here that Hlin protects people whom Frigga wants to save from danger. Also, Hlin provides refuge.

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Hlin is also cited in the book Skaldskaparmal, and in many skaldic poems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Hlin a Valkyrie?

A. Hlin’s mother is the water deity Ran while the Valkyries are daughters of Odin and Hertha. She guards and protects people who pray to Frigga for safety. The Valkyries on the other hand lead dead warriors to Valhalla. Therefore, Hlin is not a Valkyrie even though she is often seen with a sword and shield in her hands.

Q. Why is Hlin a servant of Frigga?

A. Frigga is the Queen of the Norse gods. She is wise and strong, but even a powerful deity such as herself needs assistance from time to time. So, Frigga has three handmaidens, who help her out with her duties. Hlin, Fulla and Gna are three potent goddesses and they are more than capable of assisting Frigga.

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