Lofn: The Goddess of Forbidden Love

Lofn is the Aesir goddess of forbidden love. She is a minor deity of the Norse Pantheon, who blesses all …

Lofn is the Aesir goddess of forbidden love. She is a minor deity of the Norse Pantheon, who blesses all prohibited love affairs.

Short Facts

Tribe: Aesir

Goddess of: adultery, affection, forbidden love, illicit unions and secret marriages

Sister of: Nanna, Sigyn, Snotra

Other names: Loven

Lofn responsibilities

Affection, blessing all prohibited unions, illegal affairs and secret marriages, gentleness and serenity

Lofn and Vår, sitting and talking and planing the weddings of mortals.
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Associated Animals with Lofn

Two wood ducks

Lofn weapon/domain of power

An irresistible and tempting force of the outlawed

Blessing the forbidden

Lofn is the goddess of forbidden love. She is a minor deity, listed eight among the Asynjur. Her name in Old Norse means ‘comforter’, ‘loving’ or ‘the mild’. Sister of Nanna, Sigyn and Snotra, she is a gentle and kind goddess, who arranges and blesses forbidden affairs. From Lofn comes the word lof, which means permission and high praise.

Since Lofn is so mild, Odin or Frigga permits her to organize unions between men and women. She even arranges and blesses secret marriages and illicit affairs that have been banned for some reason. Couples who wish to be together, but cannot because of family and/or law, pray to Lofn to help them. The goddess then intervenes and helps the union to be established.

In the old texts

In the Prose Edda, in the Gylfaginning book, she is mentioned as the eighth Asynjur. She is so gentle that Odin Allfather or Frigga allows her to arrange unions between men and women; even those that have been banned. From her name comes the word lof, meaning permission and high praise.

A painting of Lofn.
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In the Skaldskaparmal book, Lofn appears again as one of the 27 Asynjur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Lofn the goddess of forbidden love?

A. Love is such a powerful force. It is no wonder that there are more than one deity of love in Norse mythology. Lofn is one of them, she bless the love that relatives and authority condem. This shows that even in the old days, people who wanted to be together didn’t falter one bit. They fought so hard for their love that they came across a god who would protect them. And that is where she came into play.

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