319 Female Viking Names (With Top Twelve List)

Choosing a name for your child, or someone you love can undoubtedly be a difficult task. If you are looking …

Choosing a name for your child, or someone you love can undoubtedly be a difficult task. If you are looking for female names inspired by goddesses or other strong women from Norse mythology, or just the Viking Age, this list will hopefully help you on your journey.

When working on this list I started with almost fifteen hundred names. Through a highly subjective and non-scientific process I weaned out most of them. To not make it all subjective, I recruited the help of my daughter Oda (her name is remarkably in the top twelve). Together we have looked at more female Viking Age names than I had ever thought I would. My son Brage and I have made a list of Viking Age names for boys as well.

Our goal has been to create a list with names that we actually liked, while not being too restrictive. We eliminated names that today are more male than female. We also removed some that have taken on some unintended meaning in our time. Finally we cut some (many) that we in good conscience didn’t want to help someone name their daughter.

Many of these are popular female names today across Scandinavia. Based on our own taste we also came up with a list of top twelve female names with strong roots in the Norse myths or Viking Age. As the Norns carve runes into the roots of Yggdrasil, deciding what the future has in hold for your child, a good name will certainly be a great gift.

Top Twelve Female Names from the Viking Age

When choosing the top twelve female names from Norse myths and history, we had a bit of a challenge. We really ended with fifteen or sixteen names, however we finally managed to get it down to twelve. Obviously, choosing a name is highly personal so our top picks aren’t necessarily the same as yours will be.

We hope you find this list helpful and would love to hear from you if you decide to use one of them yourself.

Top Twelve List

Alphabetical list of female Viking Age names

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Norse mythology enthusiast, Norwegian and living in Oslo next to a series of old Viking age burial mounds.I am also able to navigate and understand quite a lot of the old Norse texts and I often lean on original texts when researching an article. Through this blog I hope more people, young and old will get to know Norse mythology and the world of the Vikings a bit better.

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  1. My husband and I are both practicing Norse Pagans. Something I really like about this vlog, is that you’re delivering straight information, to the best of your knowledge and understanding. A great many posts are quick to condemn us for our faith. Keep seeking the truth, my friend. Knowledge is power. Skọl

    • Hello Shellie, really appreciate your feedback! Exploring Norse history and mythology is an ongoing journey, and kind encouragements like yours is great to have along the way. Being open minded, curious and caring goes a long way, rather than close minded, set in your ways in convinced of ones own beliefes.


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