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A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Oda and I collaborated on creating a list of viking age names for …

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Oda and I collaborated on creating a list of viking age names for girls. Not wanting to be outdone, my son Brage has been on me since then for us to create a list of male viking names. 

Being named Brage, and having friends with names like Ask, Iver and Haakon, he felt he could rattle off a long list from the top of his head. However, as we sat down to create this list, we found we did have to dig through Norse mythology, turning to old sagas and both the (Younger) Prose Edda and the (Elder) Poetic Edda to find more inspiration. Our search has taken us through all the nine realms nestled in the branches of Yggdrasil.

When you start sorting through old viking names for boys, you realize not all are fit for use today. Creating this list however, we decided to include both names we would recommend using, and some that are just funny or fascinating. To be fair, some of these male viking names were adopted later in life, or were nicknames that stuck. But hey, if you have a boy with especially nice hair, or a grim attitude, maybe Fairhair or Bloodax fits. 

Meaning of old male viking names

A fascinating part of a name is the inherent meaning associated with that name. Both female and male viking names usually have a quite clear, or sometimes more unclear/poetic meaning attached to them. This is a lot like reading poems from the Poetic Edda or the ancient sagas. The meaning you associate with the given few words on a line often depends on the context. Moreover, in the end, the translator will often breathe more life and poesy into it than what might seem apparent. 

We both hope you will find inspiration here for a name for your son. Should you choose one of these names we would love to hear from you if you do!

Top Twelve Male Viking Names (in our opinion)

Having to pick just twelve names turned out to be a tough process for my son Brage and I. The final list is below, but some great runner-ups were: Agnar (Respected warrior), Hrafen (Raven) and Ulf (Wolf). Any name on this list though should make for a great name or maybe as a cool middle name. There are quite a few variants of names associated with bear, and wolf. Both animals were admired for their strength and cunning, in the Viking Age. There were even types of warriors, the Berserkers and the Ulfhedinn who were believed to transform in battle. Becoming, or at least ast adopting the strength and cunning of their namesake animals, the bear and the wolf, in battle.

Top Twelve List

Male Viking Names

This is our list of male Viking names that we hope will give you some inspiration and ideas. Please come back as I will be adding to the meanings of them for some time to come.

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Featured Image Credit: James Ward (1851-1924), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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